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This is an INTERACTIVE translator that welcomes all your suggested translations and additions to the existing lists of ENGLISH and FILIPINO word entries and their corresponding KAPAMPANGAN translations.

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This web app was developed on the initiative of the Holy Angel University Center for Kapampangan Studies to address the common problem of non-Kapampangans to communicate to Kapampangan using the latter's language. It is interactive to encourage everyone to contribute to it and help expand its vocabulary, thus making it an endless work in progress. This project was made possible through the Center's partnership with the Holy Angel University School of Computing.

The Web App Developers

Nuguid, Mark Raphael
Team Leader, Designer & Developer

Malig, Chaen Leemuel
Developer & Researcher

Tumali, Marzen Alexis
Developer & Researcher

Leonardo R. Calma, Jr.


Francisco Guinto

Sergio Kalayag

Joel Mallari


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